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Vasectomy Testimonials at Oregon Urology Alliance

  • “Absolutely excellent experience with Dr Gardner. He is very personable, sensitive and compassionate, with an amazing bedside manner. I was really anxious about my procedure, but he put me at ease immediately and did incredible work. No complaints whatsoever. I will refer anyone I know to him and...if I had to do all over again...I'd go out of my way to be under his care”.
    - Corbin A. – 2017
  • “Dr Gardner is excellent and made me feel at ease in what could have been a very stressful procedure. Recovery time was quick and I’m glad I ended up with him. Funny guy, very skilled and an OSU grad to boot”.
    - Chris H. - 2019
  • “I was referred to Dr. Gardner by my wife's surgeon. I ran out of reasons for postponing a vasectomy. I had my wife's friends literally calling me up and balling me out over it, lol. He was a consummate professional and made the process more like a nice conversation with a new friend rather than an outpatient surgery. Couldn't be any happier with my decision to go with him. Thank you again, doctor”.
    - Paul P, May 2020

Vasectomy is a common procedure chosen by couples as an effective contraceptive method. It is most often performed in the clinic. Dr. Gardner has performed over 3000 vasectomies. A consultation occurs with discussion of the procedure, and also addressing any questions you may have.

It is understood that vasectomy creates apprehension and steps are taken to provide men with a comfortable environment for their visit.

The procedure is called “no-scalpel” vasectomy. Prior to starting the procedure the area is anesthetized with numbing medicine in the skin. Two small openings were made in the scrotal area without a knife and the vas deferens is brought to the skin opening. A small piece of the vas deferens is removed and the two exposed ends of the vas deferens are occluded and heat cautery used to seal the ends of the tubes. No stitches are necessary for the small skin openings.

Generally the procedure takes about 30-40 minutes. Men are asked to take it easy the day of the procedure. No heavy lifting or exercise is recommended for two days (see Post Vasectomy Care instructions).

Men can return to light exercise on the third day after the procedure.

Men continue to pass sperm following the procedure for a period of time and follow-up semen analysis is important to ensure success of the procedure.

Vasectomy will not affect sexual desire or have any impact on testosterone level. Vasectomy does not increase the risk of getting prostate cancer.

Post Vasectomy Care

  1. Please avoid use of any blood thinners 7 days prior to vasectomy.
  2. Use of scrotal support, either boxer briefs or briefs, is recommended at the time of the procedure and for the first 2 days after vasectomy.
  3. An ice pack for 4-6 hours immediately after the vasectomy is recommended as well as getting off your feet.
  4. Avoid any strenuous activities, such as running, sports, bicycling or heavy lifting for at least 2 days. When resuming exercise gradually increase your activity as you feel comfortable with.
  5. Also, avoid sexual activity for approximately 7 days. Remember to continue contraception methods until all follow-up is completed (see below under Required Follow-up).
  6. You may shower the next day, however, try not to scrub the scrotal area with your hands - you may let soapy water run over the area. Thereafter you may shower as usual. No ointment is recommended at the incision sites.
  7. Control of discomfort is best accomplished by bed rest, an ice pack, and use of the prescribed pain medication. Avoid aspirin for a week after vasectomy. Ibuprofen can be used the day following the procedure.
  8. Any evidence of unusual swelling (more than the size of a large marble) should be reported to the office.

Required Follow-up

As per our discussion before the procedure, you are still fertile for quite some time after the vasectomy. The only proof to establish sterility is a follow-up semen check. We check the semen at 3 months after the vasectomy; therefore, you should continue contraceptive methods until you have heard from the office regarding the results of the semen check.

The semen sample should be collected at home and placed directly into a covered plastic container such as the collection container we gave you. The specimen must be collected after abstinence from ejaculation for 2 days. Please bring the sample in within 1-2 hours of collection. An appointment is not necessary however, please call the office prior to collecting the specimen to ensure we will be available. We send specimens to Legacy Laboratory for analysis, there may be an additional cost for their services.

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