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  1. Use of scrotal support, either an athletic supporter or briefs, is recommended for the first 2 days after vasectomy.
  2. An ice pack for 4-6 hours immediately after the vasectomy is essential to minimize scrotal swelling. The ice pack should be covered with a towel prior to placing it on the scrotum.
  3. Upon returning home, rest is recommended for approximately 8-12 hours. After this time, avoid any strenuous activities, such as running, sports, bicycling or heavy lifting for at least 2 days.
  4. Also, avoid sexual activity for approximately 5 days. Remember to continue contraception methods until all follow-up is completed (see below under Required Follow-up).
  5. You may shower as usual however; keep the scrotal area as dry as possible during your shower for 12 hours after vasectomy. No ointment is recommended at the incision sites. If a small amount of blood is seen at the incision sites place a gauze pad over the area until bleeding stops.
  6. Control of discomfort is best accomplished by bed rest, ice packs, and use of the prescribed pain medication. Avoid Aspirin for a week after vasectomy. Over the counter ibuprofen can be used the following day after the procedure, if needed. Refer to the bottle for adult dosage recommendations.
  7. Any evidence of unusual swelling (more than the size of a large marble) should be reported to the office. 

Required Follow-up

As per our discussion before the procedure, you are still fertile for quite some time after the vasectomy. The only proof to establish sterility is a follow-up semen check. We check the semen at 3 months after the vasectomy; therefore, you should continue contraceptive methods until you have heard from the office regarding the results of the semen check. 

The semen sample should be collected at home by masturbation and placed directly into a covered plastic container (such as the collection container we gave you. Please bring the sample in within 2 hours of collection. An appointment is not necessary however, please call the office prior to collecting the specimen to ensure I will be available to analyze it. 

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